stainless steel medium Weight Rope Ladders

Our stainless steel medium weight rope ladders are usually sought where a corrosive environment might reduce the life span of an aluminium wire rope ladder. Stainless steel wire rope gives additional strength and durability.

These are very strong and can withstand harsh environments. Non corrosive and made with grade 316 stainless steel and copper ferrules. Both ends of the ladders are fitted with thimbles for easy erecting.

SS Lightweight


Wire Rope:4mm diameter
Grade 316 SS
Rungs:20mm x 20mm x 300mm
Breaking Load of Wire Rope:
900 kgs (each side)
Approx. Weight:6m = 6.2kg
9m = 9.5kg
15m = 15kg
The SWL of the ladder is:200 kg per Rung

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David Sullivan

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