Custom Made Wire Rope Ladders

With our custom-made Wire Rope Ladders, reach new heights with precision!

Crafted to your exact specifications for industrial, recreational or emergency use,  they deliver unmatched durability and reliability for every climb.

Engineered from premium materials with expert craftsmanship in each ladder ensures safety and stability on every climb.

Have you got a situation where you need a custom made wire rope ladders?

Wire Rope Ladders (Our Company) not only can supply a wide range of ready-made rope ladders but we also specialise in custom made ladders to suit our customers. Our stock standard ladders use 4mm wire but we have the machinery to manufacture ladders with 6mm wire, ferrules, and thimbles.

Wire rope ladders custom made Sturdy

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Download the Wire Rope Ladders catalogue

Inside you’ll find a heap of useful information

Here are a couple of pictures of custom made wire rope ladders ordered by our customers

All Stainless Steel ladders have a SWL of 200kg per rung.  All Aluminium ladders have a SWL of 130kg per rung. They have a tag with serial number, manufacturer’s identification, date of manufacture, and safety maintenance check.20

rope ladders for sale custom made ladders

An order of custom made ladders on the way to the customer.

Aluminium Light Weight Rope Ladders

This photo shows a recent custom made ladder using 20mm x 20mm x 400mm wide. aluminium rungs spaced 400mm wide.

Non Slip Stainless Steel Rope Ladders Custom Made

A stainless steel ladder with non-slip finish applied on each rung with a stainless steel trace using 6mm wire and gal snap hooks.

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