About Wire Rope Ladders

We are an Australian owned company that has been involved over many years with safety, whether that be protecting people, debris or the environment.

From our Gold Coast base, our company specialises in manufacturing Wire Rope Ladders using quality items to ensure a quality product.

When making the Wire Rope Ladders we use only quality galvanised steel, aluminium, and grade 316 stainless steel to make our ladders.

These are all tested, and certificates can be included with the purchase of our ladders. Our ladders are designed for use in difficult places where a rigid ladder would be impracticable. The lightweight ladder is easy to carry in a backpack.

Some of Wire Rope Ladders Customers

More of our Customers 
AAA Scaffolding
Absolute Lifting & Safety
All-Rig Lifting & Engineering Supplies Pty Ltd
AMS Ship Supply
Austral Construction Pty Ltd
Certex Lifting Pty Ltd
Combined Safety Solutions
CS Energy
CSR Limited
Department of Tourism, Innovation. and Sport
Dura International
Integrated Industrial
John Holland – KBR Joint Venture
Kaiser Mining Pty Ltd
Manufactured Lifting Equipment
Maranoa Regional Council
NZ Survivor Limited
OSS Maritime Group
Pro Access
Ranger – Lifting | Rigging | Safety
The Rigging Shed
Wekando Pty Ltd

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