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Aluminium Light Weight Rope Ladders

Our Aluminium Light Weight Rope Ladders have a wider step than the lightweight ladders and are slightly stronger. Both ends of the ladders are fitted with thimbles for easy erecting.

Designed to meet the needs of various situations and businesses such as caving, spelunking, climbing centres and arborists. Also, it is widely used in construction industries because of its lightweight, durability, and ease of transport.

The narrow width of the ladder (200mm) makes it easier to climb. It enables the climber to keep their body close to the ladder in a near upright position, thus minimising strain on the arms.

These ladder is made from high-quality Australian galvanised cable and aluminium. It has a 4mm galvanised cable with 20mm x 200mm aluminum rungs. Each ladder comes with thimbles at both ends swaged with a Hydraulic press.

Our wire rope ladders come in 6, 9, 15, 20, 25 and 30 metre lengths.

Aluminium Light Weight Rope Ladders


Wire Rope:4mm diameter
7 x 7 galvanised
Rungs:15mm x 15mm x 200mm
Breaking Load of Wire Rope:
(each side)
900 kgs
Approx. Weight:6m = 2kg
9m = 3kg
15m = 4kg
SWL of the ladder is :130 kg

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