Aluminium Medium Weight

Our Aluminium medium weight ladders have a wider step than the lightweight ladders and are slightly stronger.

Both ends of the ladders are fitted with thimbles for easy erecting.


  6m = $210.00

  9m = $290.00

15m = $410.00

20m = $560.00

25m = $685.00

30m = $810.00

Note: The above prices are exclusive of GST and freight costs.


Wire Rope:4mm diameter
7 x 7 galvanised
Rungs:20mm x 20mm x 300mm
Breaking Load of Wire Rope:
(each side)
900 kgs
Approx. Weight:6m = 4.2 kg
9m = 6.3 kg
15m =10.6 kg
The SWL of the ladder is:130 kg