Galvanised Medium Weight


Medium weight galvanised wire rope ladders have more strength and are built to be used more often.  These ladders could be used on a daily basis for climbing in and out of machinery, wheat silos and tanks.

These ladders can be left permanently attached or you could roll them up and store. Both ends of the ladders are fitted with thimbles for easy erecting.


  6m  =  $150.00

  9m  =  $230.00

15m  =  $350.00

20m  =  $500.00

25m  =  $625.00

30m  =  $750.00

Note: The above prices are exclusive of GST and freight costs.


Wire Rope:
4mm diameter
7 x 7 galvanised
Rungs:20mm x 20mm x 300mm
Breaking Load of Wire Rope:
(each side)
900 kgs
Approx. Weight:6m = 6 kg
9m = 9.2 kg
15m =15.1
The SWL of the ladder is:130 kg